Back into blogging

Updated: May 28, 2019

Writing used to be an escape for me - an expressive outlet to dream and let off steam. It's something I've desperately wanted to get back into and with the creation of my website, now seems like the right time. Whether my posts get read or not is not of any great deal of importance to me. I mainly want to do this to remind myself of how much I enjoy writing and how much I enjoy creating in general.

To avoid wandering down rabbit holes, I want to focus on a handful of topics, including;

a) What my job as a carer and P.A has taught me, especially from a self-employed perspective. Plus, I love my job! I want to give an insight into what it's like to support disabled and elderly people and their families. I want to emphasise that supporting people of different ages and abilities is a worthwhile and needed job role. I believe carers and personal assistants are a vital tool in improving care services and people's well-being... despite it being a job that is often overlooked.

b) Having an allotment and growing a few things at home has changed my life. I want to share how easy it actually is once you get off your lazy bum and do it. I'll share what has worked well for us and what hasn't, to hopefully save you a bit of hassle. Our garden is a little slice of wildlife heaven so I'm sure that will work it's way in somewhere too.

c) I hope to put pen to paper (or rather hand to keyboard) and share some recipes that I've banged together over the years. I love getting creative in the kitchen and I seem to have a knack for not following recipes or measurements but still getting a great result. Some of my winning makes include homegrown summer fruits cheesecake, classic vegetarian lasagne, oat breakfast bars, homemade veggie burgers and more.

d)ArTy FaRtY stuff including photos, collages, drawings, creations and such.

I'm looking forward to where my self-employment is taking me anyway and I hope to capture and express a little piece of me and my life here on this blog so if you ever pop by to read, thank you.

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