Care Experience

Could happily sit drying, pressing and a


since 2014

I am confident in supporting people with Autism (mild to severe), Global Developmental Delay, Sensory Processing Disorder, behavioural and anger difficulties, anxiety, attachment and trauma issues, physical impairments, epilepsy and more. I have also enjoyed befriending people with dementia.

I have always engaged the people I support with arts and crafts, as I'm a firm believer that creativity is good for your soul. I also found getting creative opens up new conversations with the individuals and families I support, thus strengthening those relationships.


Child Care

BTEC level 3 Diploma in Residential Childcare

BTEC level 2 Diploma in Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care and Children and Young People's Settings

For just under 3 years, I worked in an 'Outstanding' specialist Residential Children's Home, where I worked as part of the team and as a key-worker to care for the children and young people.


My qualifications

educated me on the safeguarding and protection of children, ways to support their emotional and physical development and well-being. I also learned to work in partnership with families, local authorities and services to create positive outcomes for the residents, alongside supporting the children in day-to-day life.


Carer & PA

After gaining skills, qualifications, training and confidence from my role within the Children's Home, I remain dedicated to supporting children with learning and physical disabilities but have also branched out into assisting disabled adults and families in their own homes, as well as supporting the elderly both at home and in assisted living. 


Self-employment has enabled me to develop my creativity and the service I offer. Focusing on arts and crafts are an excellent way to spend days at home. Paintings, cushion covers, bunting, coasters, cards, candle holders and bags are just a fraction of what we've created together.

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