One-to-one Sessions

I offer one-off sessions, regular and block bookings. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions are possible, so please get in touch if you are interested.


Contracts with care homes, hospices and after-school clubs are also welcomed.

  • 2 hours from £50 

  • 3 hours from £70 (Save £5) 

  • 4 hours from £90 (Save £10)

Discounts available on regular and block bookings.

Do you have a smaller budget?

Group sessions start from £100 for 3 hours. The larger the group, the more you save per person.
Maximum 6 people. 
Contact me for more information.


Glass and mirror painting

Choose from my range of wine glasses, jars, mirrors and more. Alternatively, you can decorate your own items.


Pressed flower


From ferns to flowers, I have collected, dried and pressed many leaves and flowers to work with. Create a piece of unique artwork to keep.

Most popular 

Do you daydream of far away places_ 💭 L

Collage and mixed media

Make framed artwork, collaged canvases, gift boxes and more.


Collage is simple but satisfying.

Loved creating these custom bedroom door


You can put whatever you want into these 3D frames but I think they particularly work well as bedroom door plaques.


Hand-cut and printed designs

Turn your design into a stencil and eventually a finished product by using a screen, hand-cut stencil and water-based inks. 

Choose from a bag, t-shirt or cushion cover.

Earlier today, Lassie was completed - Ja



Animal lover? Why not create your own cushion based on your favourite creature. Weird and wonderful creations are welcomed!

Ordinary envelope cushions can also be made with lovely materials and appliqué motifs.




Add a bit of character to any room with bespoke bunting. You can add decorations, words, shapes... whatever you like!

The bedding Liz and I helped Max _delici

Paper and fabric


Rummage through my collection of rubber stamps and create custom bedding, headscarves, gift wrapping, name-tags, artwork and cards.