Table Transformation

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

I started this project a while ago, during a group workshop hosted by Allison Turner but all I'd manage to do was my top collage... so I seized the opportunity to finish it over the Easter weekend. The table was originally plain wood so I...

1. Added the collage - made from wildlife images from my RSPB magazines and various pieces of poetry that reflect love and nature. 2. Painted it white using two coats of emulsion. I also added small white strokes to the collages to break up the lines and edges. I also added small white areas to the top collage for decoupaged bees to be added later. 3. Decoupaged the bee motifs on. 4. Painted simple brush stroke petals in pink and used the same acrylic paint to add the pink dry brush marks. I also added spots of pink to the collages.  5. Added bee stamps to top collage. 6. Varnished the whole thing. 7. Added buttons using a hot glue gun. These hide the rough edge of the collage (which was hard to do neatly because of the table's shape) so yay for buttons!

I'm really happy with the final look, especially as this was my first ever furniture transformation! I've got another small table to transform next so stay tuned!

If anyone would like to revamp a piece of furniture during a one-to-one or group workshop, please get in touch!

x Holly x

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