Support for people with additional or complex needs

I want arts and crafts to be accessible for all!

When you book with me, I will recognise your disabilities

but never underestimate your possibilities.

I run on a huge tank of enthusiasm for creativity and care! I have been a carer for the past five years, so I pride myself on having patience and understanding for each individual's

needs, strengths and weaknesses.


I am happy for additional carers or staff to be present if needed, and to discuss ways to adapt my sessions and workshops, in order to make them more fun and accessible for everyone.

We can organise a free consultation to ease any anxieties and so I can find out more about what makes you unique,

so I can plan accordingly. 

One-to-one sessions are best suited for people with anxiety, disabilities or dementia. They are also the best way to get the most out of your creative time, as you will solely have my attention. However, small groups also work very well.

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